Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vampires are NOT just a Fad

Watching Better this morning and they asked a question to Ethan Hawke regarding his new movie Daybreakers that I’ve heard asked in some form multiple times. Has The Twilight Saga sparked this vampire craze of late? He kinda dissed the teeny bopper flick and spoke about making this film in the Friday Night Fright Flick genre. OK, Twilight definitely sparked a bandwagoning effect with Vampires. That said, Hollywood always does this with multiple genres. Vampire flicks have been around forever but more so, the last 20-30 years there have been vampires on big and small screen all the time.

The following is not an exhaustive listing, but should prove a point that a Mormon writers books (I’ve read them all and did enjoy the overall story but think she is a crappy writer) and subsequent movies that have all the angst and non of the sex or blood that revolves around the vampire culture, is not why America and the world are fascinated with the fanged antiheroes.

Lost Boys
The Hunger
Bordello of Blood
Vampire in Brooklyn
The Dark Shadows
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
TV Buffy and subsequent Angel spin off
Bram Stokers Dracula
Dracula, Dead and Loving it
Interview with a Vampire – Hello? Mother F*ing Anne Rice has make a living off these guys!Queen of the Damned
The Blade Trilogy
James Woods’ Vampires – fun memory in the theater…OK, TMI
The Underworld Trilogy
Salem’s Lot
30 Days of Night
Van Helsing
TV’s True Blood from another set of vampire novels, only they don’t chintz on the sex!
I’ll admit that Vampire Diaries book to TV show was probably directly ripped off of Twilight.
Cirque Du Freak

So maybe we’ve come along way from Nosferatu of the 1920s and Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, but these disco balls with inner turmoil has done more to crush the vampire legacy than revive it. Viva, er…Morte le Fang!

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