Saturday, January 16, 2010

So, a Rabbi, a Priest, and a Horse Walk into a Bar

NBC needs to take a good long look at its future. I'm not in the business, so I can't speak to the actual ramifications of anything here, but it seems NBC has an opportunity to shake things up.

Jay took over for Johnny under, from what I understand, similar circumstances as how Conan took over fro Jay. More force than choice. Dave has been left with his dick swinging in the wind for a couple decades now. So, I've always enjoyed a few of Jay's signature skits, like Headlines and Jay Walking. Other than that, unless I really want to see the musical act or interviewee, I've watched Dave. Dave's shticks have never been wham bam, but I will usually tune to him to over Jay for his interviews. I do remember though, mocking NBC for trying to make Jay appealing to the younger audiences.

Conan has always been funny. Craig Kilborn had the charm. Now Craig Ferguson is the king of Late Late Night for me. Jimmy Fallon has been good, but his forced laughter and SNL rip off material doesn't really do anything for me.

So during these folks' reign others have popped up and popped right back out, yes I'm talking about you Chevy Chase! Bill Maher found acceptance on premium television. Jimmy Kimmel, well, he's Jimmy Kimmel. Chris Rock excelled, in my opinion, on Comedy Central. Now TBS has wised up during the struggle and brought on a new late night champ in George Lopez. No matter how boring and irrelevant her weekend show is, even Wanda Sykes is on board.

The day time folks don't do the comedy song and dance nor do the Larry Kings and Barbara Walters of the world. But really do any of them DO anything different from one another? They all flex their abilities and entertain through a series of interviews to draw the viewers in to watch advertisements.

I think NBC should just revamp the time slots, break the mold and come up with something original. Jay was just the Tonight Show an hour and a half earlier. Conan was just a hyper version of his old show. Seriously, make the news at nine like Fox does. Do a throwback variety show from 10 to 11 and then run a talk show. Why not rip off John Stewart/Stephen Colbert fake news slash talk show that Comedy Central has PWNED the other stations with. Just riffin' here, but why would you try to go back to something that obviously wasn't working either? Are the executives just trying to get fired?

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