Thursday, January 14, 2010

PR is Back

Watched the season premiere of Project Runway tonight. There are some really talented folks on again. I can't pick a pony this early on. That said, the Models of the Runway was easy for me to pick the losers. Brandise has some serious attitude problems. She thinks she knows it all and that her age makes her superior. I'm not going to knock the age thing, but what the hell is wrong with her chin? It looks like she has a growth just below her lip. And when she hit the runway instructor class and said she had more experience, she had to know it was a challenge she was going to lose. Seriously, daddy should probably be locked up for that kind of damage. Yes I'm being catty and very judgmental, oh well. I do like the brunette from Ohio and the Asian with the super sexy voice, hope the go far. I see the Russian Blond with confidence issues being sent home early though. And what was with Ping making her dance on the runway, she'll get someone kicked off if she has them do it again! We'll see how it plays out. Glad the shows are back!

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