Friday, January 29, 2010

O Beer, O Beer, Where Doth Thou Hide

Where do you get beer in Pennsylvania? I went to the gas station across the street from the hotel and found nothing. I was also picking up some soap, so I figured, I'll just get some at the grocery store. Again nothing. Odd. I told the clerk I was from Texas and had noticed there wasn't beer in convenience stores or grocery stores. I asked him if it was only available in liquor stores. He laughed and said that liquor stores don't carry beer.

OK, so yes my next question was, so, where do you purchase it?

But here is what went through my mind before that question came out of my mouth. In a state with monumental unemployment rates and utterly wretched winter weather that lasts more than half the year, why would you make purchasing beer so friggin' difficult?
His answer, you have to go to a beer distributor. He did tell me I was lucky I wasn't in Philly, because Pittsburgh had a store where they actually sold beer. I got to the store after the GPS got me lost in some back part of the Bayer Aspirin campus. It turns out it was right next to my hotel. And they had gone out of business. NO beer for Dorn.

I grew up in Oklahoma, domestic beer is sold in convenience stores and grocery stores, but due to some backward prohibition law still on the books, it was half the amount of alcohol as in other states. Imports were available full strength in liquor stores but were not available cold.

Living in Texas, I guess I've been spoiled. We have beer and wine in grocery and convenience stores. Hell most grocery stores have a better selection of them than liquor stores do. But my favorite is our drive through liquor barns. You literally drive into the store and they give you what you want, load it into your can even get margaritas to go! Love this state!

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