Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's All or Nothing

My daughter is going through an absolutist stage. When she's done with something, it can't just be set down on the table next to her. It has to be thrown on the ground, out of sight. If I offer her a slice of banana while she has a pacifier in her mouth, the pacifier is spit out and then thrown straight behind her. Eating a cracker and reaches for another, she'll immediately throw the first out of sight and focus on the second. Same with toys or what ever we are working with. I'm not saying she can't play with lots of stuff at once. She'll play with puzzles with multiple pieces or a pile of bath toys no problem. What I don't get is how final some things are to her.

Now, she throws stuff on the ground all the time, it's what she enjoys I guess. But seriously there isn't having two conflicting objects at once at all. One at a time period. Maybe I'm over analysing it, but it feels like the beginning of an OCD.

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