Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Just Scored a Bimbo!

We just signed Mrs. Baird's Bread as an account for my territory. They are owned by Bimbo, a Mexican bakery chain similar to Little Debbie. I was stuck on a conference call with some royal jack asses as my Sales Manager was telling all of us about her latest wins for our territories. She signed Mrs. Baird's, but her boss and her kept going on and on about Bimbos! I know what these things are because I've seen the little packages in the stores down here for the last 5+ years. I remember laughing the first time I ran across the little pink cakes with a bear on the front that simply read BIMBO! So, no one on the call seemed to get it, what Bimbo really was. They just continued explaining to the point that Bimbo was every other word and I was loosing it.

It instantly flashed the greatest moment in one of our training classes where one of my counterparts in Houston was role playing (professionally, not professionally). She was trying to explain what a GPS was, but seemed to lose the term navigation while doing so. She is using hand motions while saying, "it's a personal device, that you, you know, stick it in?" I literally fell out during the course.

This image with the bimbo discussion had me gone. I laughed and couldn't stop for what felt like hours. Thank god for mute buttons!

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