Friday, January 15, 2010

Helping Haiti

A friend of mine's wife is a loose cannon mentally. I'm not really sure what her problem is, but she's got some serious control and trust issues. My friend is no saint in the relationship, but he's not fully to blame. This lady truly has the best of intentions most of the time, her execution is just sometimes questionable.

So, she is a trauma nurse, and a really good one at that. She is in her zone when things are happening and really is someone that other nurses could learn a lot from. She even does legal nurse consulting and has yet to lose a case because she's that good.

She is half Haitian. She speaks fluent Creole. With the massive earthquake in Haiti, she really feels a true need to go down and help. I would too. If they were my people, I spoke the language and had her incredible training and experience, nothing would stop me from going down there.

She has a three-year-old son. First negative to leaving for an extended trip to save the world. Her mental ability to deal with all of the death is the true underlying problem. She and her husband doubt she'll ever be the same. I think she will be better for it. This is what she does. The experience, in my opinion would help her grow as a person and learn humility and appreciation for all that she has. Her husband made a good point to her yesterday. He told her they would need help for a very long time and that waiting a little while so the massive death toll won't affect her as badly.

I'm in agreement with him that they will need help for a long time. Hell the Tsunami in Thailand and Katrina in New Orleans are still receiving aide. I just think it will be more difficult dealing with the depression of the survivors than the worry of what is going on with their loved ones. I do not envy their decision.

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