Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

2010 is here and here's wishing the best for the world! Knocked out a bottle of Champagne last night with my wife last night as we rang in the New Year. It was nice and mellow. Tina and I played a couple board games. Berlin, loved the little taste of champagne (bad daddy, I know) had us play her latest game most of the night. Like every child she loves books read and reread over and over. But she's come up with a new game that fills her latest obsession/skill-development. Shove crap in a container! Sounds like marketing gold, huh?

We have a couple of plastic containers with attached lids that we use when we work out to hold water. Berlin has commandeered one as her new toy. She takes wooden letters or plastic shapes and what ever else semi little toy she can find, pacifier included and shoves them in to it. We call out the shape, color, or letter as she's putting them in. We close the lid and shake it or spin it, but make haste with emptying the container back out. She immediately wants to do it again!

The wooden letters have been fun too because she will had one of us a letter and we make the sound and go through as many words we can that begin with the letter. More challenging than I'd ever imagined!

All of this lasts for less than 15 minutes each, but has become her new routine with us. I can see her little mind working constantly, even on autopilot as she crams the stuff in the container. Truly inspiring and scary that we are responsible for her development. This time next year though, she gets to start teaching her new little sister/brother!

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