Monday, January 18, 2010

Every Man Jack

Product Review time! I recently purchased a shave set set at Target that included: shaving cream, aftershave lotion, face wash and shampoo. I originally went in for aftershave and body wash. I'd run out and also didn't care for my last shave gel purchase. So I was wandering around the aisle checking out products. I know, right? I'm 30-years-old, shouldn't I have a set of products that I go to without thought?

Ha, that's where my lovely bride comes into this scenario. I'd been using Nivea aftershave balm for a decade (along with a couple different colognes) and one day, five years into our relationship, she tells me she hates my scents. WTF? 5 years and you hate the cologne and aftershave I use? WTF? So I've since replaced my cologne, but haven't settled on an aftershave in two years.

I've tried many and liked few. Along the way, I've also tried a variety of different shaving creams and gels. Turns out I don't like the gels and this last product really put that into perspective for me.

This kit was from a company called Every Man Jack in Signature Mint. While on the aisle I smelled their Citrus Body Wash and it was intoxicating, but expensive, so I passed, but it is a really cool bottle. So when I saw this four pack for $10, I figured why not? DAMMIT is why not!

The shampoo and face wash are worthless. I'll probably give them to a bachelor buddy of mine who will just see it as free shit and not care about it the way I apparently do.

The Shave cream is what really threw me for a loop. Gels don't really foam the same way a Barbasol type of cream does, but they still have volume when they go to task. I've used the old school soap shavings in a container with a barbers brush and will admit, I dig it, but there is more effort there than I can justify spending $1 on a can of Barbasol. This crap is hard to describe. It doesn't lather, it coats. I don't shave in the shower, I use the sink before. Normally you can just run a razor head under water and your hair and shave cream disappear down the drain. This stuff required heavy water pressure and shaking. I gave it a dozen tries before I've decided to write this. I haven't held a hatred for a product ever really. This stuff gets a trophy for my first loathing of a toiletry. Bizarre and mundane, yes, but they do say the devil is in the details...
The aftershave lotion that got me to this point is nothing to write home about, but is definitely the best product in the package. My official ruling, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Every Man Jack has a few decent products, but the bulk of their line is crap.

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