Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Definition of Crazy is...

For the last couple months my daughter has been walking while holding our hands. She has gotten used to only one hand, but prefers both. Berlin has taken a few steps numerous times over the last month unassisted. It was so much fun the first night she did it because she was going back and forth between Tina and I laughing and clapping each time. The day after Christmas, I put her on the floor of my brother-in-law's house and she walked 7 or 8 steps. She did this a few times and then just gave up.

Each step of the way she's protested the recreation of the new act. It took 8 months for her to crawl. For the longest time after, she would lift her feet off the ground every time I'd hold her hands to try and get her to walk. It was cute, but really it was her definitive rejection of forward progress. Then overnight she was OK with the assisted walk. She's been standing up on her own since before she learned to crawl, but never did anything but reach higher objects with it.

So, once I got her to hold a TV remote while I held the other hand, she was excited, like she knew it was the next stage. That was over Thanksgiving. She refused to do it when we got back in town. She'd grab my leg if I wouldn't give her both hands. When she got the 2 or 3 step dive behind her, she refused to do it again for 3 weeks.

She demands it often and pulls me up to help her walk all the time. She gets really pissed if I don't let her walk when she wants to, but I have to hold her hands.

So for the last couple weeks, I've tried in vain to get her to walk again. She's 14 months, so I'm not rushing this, but I am pushing her. She will stand there when I let go of her hands and think about it, giggle, do the shy cheek to shoulder routine over and over and eventually just crawl over to me.

Tonight was no exception. But I was playing one of her toys that sings and she started dancing. Not the shaking the booty or waving her hands or twisting her shoulders like normal. She was holding on to the ottoman and lifting her feet one by one to the rhythm. She did this for 20 minutes the first time and about 2 hours later did it for another 5 or so.

I thought it was the perfect time to try unassisted walking again. She began spinning her feet like Fred Flintstone in the air so that by the time I'd gotten her balanced, she only had to reach out to complete the transaction. It was adorable, but holy hell this child is stubborn. I swear she is choosing not to walk.

I know everyone says she'll never stop once she does and then my life will be hell, but I'm ready for it. I want her to just trust herself and do it. Ah well, it will happen when it happens.

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