Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wow, OU Fans are Evil

I'm from Oklahoma. Or, at least, I grew up there. But today during the Florida Alabama Game and the Texas Nebraska game, I heard noting but smack coming from my peeps across the Red River. They loved Tebow crying on national television. They hated Texas getting another second (literally, for those of you who didn't watch, UT won with an extra second {singular} on the clock). I love OU. I cheer for Texas in every game except the Red River Shoot Out and I cheer for OU in all of their games. So, maybe I'm not the most die hard fan. But the straight Hate-er-ade that Okies drink for all teams that beat OU or who have national championships against OU in the past is bizarre. My aunt was trash talking me on Facebook. She graduated from TU (University of Tulsa) and only this year did her son start at OU. WTF? I still like OU, why is supporting UT so bad? If the Razorbacks were any good, I guess the hatred would be equivalent. I dunno, maybe I've been across the "border" too long to view this objectively. If your team isn't going to the championship bowl, why hate on the ones who have a chance?


  1. Dorn,

    Glad you like the Diachaea photos on Shy and Retiring. I hope I gave proper attribution for those images.

    I see you have affinities with both Texas and Oklahoma. I was born in Houston and went to High School in Austin and college in Sherman. I went to OU for grad school 1965-70 before becoming a West Virginian.

    I have tivo-ed the Alice on Syfy to watch soon. BTW, I don't think Burton's Alice has been released yet but I may be worng.

  2. You're right about Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. I'd seen all the hype earlier this year and thought I'd missed it. Found out it doesn't hit theaters until March.

    It's hard for my UT friends and my OU friends to see any middle ground. Guess that's the mark of a true fan!