Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Would You Rather

I didn't want to write about the holidays, family or work today. So I grabbed Heimberg & Gomberg's "Would You Rather...? Pop Culture Edition" book I got a few Christmases ago. Random page turn opened to...

Would you rather...

have all of your hook-ups displayed prominently in You Tube videos
all your masturbatory fantasies printed as a Sunday comic in explicit detail?

Simple answer...cartoonize my jerk off sessions!

Explanation...There is no way I'd want my booty calls, random strange, exes and everything in between displayed in video format for the whole world to see. Y'all it ain't all pretty. That does mean I'd have to find Wankasaurus Rex (WR) on every doorstep weekly beating cancer.

~side note~ They say masturbation helps prevent prostate cancer, therefore, alone time shall now be refereed to as "beating cancer."

I think comic format desensitizes the whole affair. My dad might even laugh on occasion whilst WR is victorious in his next battle. Then again, my coworkers would have to see what drives the inter fantasies. Oh well, it would give me a reason behind all of those awkward moments I currently experience with no rationale.

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