Friday, December 11, 2009

Spiral in the Night Sky

Norway had an interesting sight the other day.What looks like a computer generate image or someone playing around with a really powerful laser has sparked controversy.

The official word is it was an out of control Russian Rocket. I really don't believe it. I don't think it was a UFO like initial panicked Norwegians believed. I'm sure this will be touted as evidence for many a year to come. Think Fringe will try to work it into their story line?

I can't see how a rocket could cause that pattern, let alone have the light linger as it did. I'm not a meteorologist nor a scientist of any kind. But I think it may have been an experiment with atmospheric "distortion" that either went really right or really wrong. Maybe they are testing out a rain maker or something. Hello, cartoons have had them for decades, bout time we catch up right?

Fine, I probably sound as crazy as the UFO conspiracy/cover up theorists, but oh well. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

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