Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sages, Scorpios and Cancers, OH MY!

Looking through Babycenter.com and ran across the Horoscopes section. I'm not one to put my faith in anything...especially predetermined character patterns. That said, I've always found the star signs interesting. I'm a Scorpio and so is my mother. My wife is a Sagittarius and so is her mother. Both of us have Taurus fathers. The fact that our mothers share our sign and Taurus ruled the house actually bring another similarity to us and our parenting style. My daughter is also a Scorpio, a fact that utterly crushed my wife as she was due to be a Sag and came a month early.

So Baby Center breaks it down like this...Scorpio/Sagitarius combo is a great yin and yang to parenting...sounds like we're off to a great start huh? For my wife and daughter, hell will be unleashed as she gets older. The emotional depth and complicated passions of our Scorpio will turn my wife's Sagittarius flightiness into fodder for many wars. Lovely. This next one is due to be a Cancer. Could my wife have a worse match up? The patience required to make that relationship work will most likely crush my wife.

The only redeeming point to note here is if this one comes as early as the first, we'll end up with a Gemini and that combo will be perfect for my wife and to quote Baby Center "You and your Gemini Child could hardly be more different."

Que Sera, Sera!

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