Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolution Season

SOOOO many things to change. I am happy, but I know what I could/should be doing better. Here's the list: 1. Since my daughter was born, I can count the number of times I've gone into work on time/early on my toes. 2. On the same line of thought, I could really use a stricter sleep schedule for myself so that I can actually work out with my boss in the morning like I wanted to. I could also spend morning time (cooking breakfast, reading the paper, chatting with my wife) not on the clock. 3. To top off the work adjustments, I need more organization and follow up. But enough about the J-O-B. 4. Now that Tina is expecting our second, we need to get our finances in order. A, to better budget for a new mouth. B, because Tina's unemployment will go away right as the baby is born. C, because we need to buy a house and stop paying someone else's mortgage. 5. Our current home needs HELP, I'll fully admit, I'm a lazy ass, but so is Tina, therefore I must lead by example and start just doing the things that need to be taken care of. 6. Gross for me to admit, but I know the majority of Americans are with me here, I need to floss regularly. Seriously, I purchased these little floss picks and have used them at least 4 out of 7 days a week for the last couple weeks. It had probably been a year since I'd flossed last.

So, that would be, in a more appropriate order for my day to day...

Wake up when the alarm clock goes off. Floss your damn teeth after you brush. Cook breakfast for my family instead of grabbing a bite on the way to work, spending money I shouldn't. Call people back and actually complete my daily duties at work. Come home and pick up the house or work on a project. Finally, go to bed at a decent hour.

After thought but, I want to learn to play guitar this year, got a how-to DVD for Christmas to go along with the awesome guitar my father-in-law gave me two years ago! Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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