Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm addicted!

I downloaded the "Words With Friends" app a about a month ago. I cannot stop playing this. I'll admit, I love Scrabble, but rarely break out the game and play with my wife. I think the last time we played was last Christmas with my parents.

Words with Friends lets you play "Scrabble" with random people on your phone. You don't have to play through the end in one setting either. As a player puts down their word, you get a push notification on your phone that it's your turn. I think I have 8 to 10 games going at once. I love waking up in the morning and having 5 or 6 turns to play. It's like a little moment of joy for me. Yes I know I'm a dork, but I've found a fun outlet for my head.
I've played people who are SOOOO much better than I am and they've really taught me new words that I'd never thought of or heard of, but can come in really handy. Occasionally I get to school and idiot, but it seems the majority of the time I'm super far in the lead, they resign before the game is over.
I've only used the chat feature on a couple games, it's nice, but most games it isn't touched. I just whooped up on a punk who got testy with me on the chat when it took me a few hours to get back to the game we were playing. Love passive aggression. I did get to wish everyone I was playing Merry Christmas which was super cheesy, but ah well. I've had a couple rematches because the opponent enjoyed the game with me, that's a nice boost to the ego.

If I had to rate it versus all the other apps I've downloaded, it would be #1.

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