Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eba Bebi Bu Mi

Listened to the new song by Fifty Cent yesterday. CRAP! The title of the song is "Baby By Me" and the chorus/intro he is repeating Have A Baby By Me. The lyrics are neither here nor there for me. But the way he says them really rubbed me the wrong way. Literally sounds like EBA BEBI BU MI over and over.

Fine black people speak differently in America no matter what part of the country they grew up in. I can accept that as a sad fact of our life. But this is really retarded. I do not believe a person is defined by how they were raised, but will concede it affects the final outcome. That said, aren't we trying to bring the education and intelligence level up in the projects? This is straight ghetto and not the Elvis kind. Enunciate people. I grew up in Oklahoma and have no problem pronouncing words with minimal accent. Let alone sounding like I'm having a discussion with my dentist while his hands are in my mouth.

Thank you Fifty "fity" Cent for helping dumb down the nations youth. I'd say you should be shot, but some one's already tired that. I'm thinking public flogging.

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