Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas is the Greatest Holiday!!!!

Last Night my Wife, Daughter and I went to the Zilker Park Christmas Tree Light Festival. They have a huge Moon Tower (yes, the one from Dazed & Confused) strung with beautiful Christmas lights. Over half a mile of other themed scenes and stages await travelers through the walk. Berlin had issues halfway through, but for the most part loved being outside with all the people to watch. My Daughter is truly a people watcher. She couldn't take her eyes off the yokels and their offspring.
I kept trying to get a shot of us with these goofy moose antlers and a blinky Rudolph nose. A broken antler later and barely escaping a black eye and broken nose, I've learned my lesson on trying to get a toddler to do anything on cue!


  1. Dorn, when I was in High School I went to Zilker Park both day and night. As I recall, there used to be several giant light towers there that supposedly were arranged in a star figure as seen from above.

  2. Ha ha I think the only thing I have ever manage to get a toddler to do was pee on me. I was so unimpressed I docked his Christmas present. Bad God parent I know

    Kate xx