Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 has been a Rollercoaster

The Christmas travel week is done and I've found myself reflecting back on the year we are closing. It included many overwhelmingly happy memories and a few gut punches that won't soon be forgotten.
Here's a quick recap:

Jan - Still getting used to having a baby in the house. Life as we knew it has vanished!

Feb - Tina went back to work, so we started using my old boss as a baby sitter. The long drive was worth it because I knew Mo was taking great care of Berlin.

Mar - Did the second round of lay-offs, I hate being the boss sometimes.

Apr - Kick in the junk - quadrupled my work load and gained 20x the territory - I hate, no loathe the company I work for "just be glad you have a job."

May - Family vacation to Denver and Estes Park - absolutely majestic!

Jun - Tina got laid off - Damnitalltohell!

Jul - Berlin started crawling!!!
Aug - The start of teething her two bottom teeth.

Sep - Nearly got my counterpart trained to take over half my territory - little shit is making more money than me and only took half my workload. I must have put some really bad Karma out there.

Oct - Tina's little brother got married. Hard to see him as an adult, he was only 13 when we started dating!

Nov - Berlin turned 1 and I turned 30, these are major milestones people!

Dec - Wrapping this year up with Tina 12 weeks pregnant!!!
2010 should be interesting at best! Get out your party hats and champagne flutes and sing Auld Lang Sine with loved ones and say good bye to this decade!

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