Thursday, November 12, 2009

Make it Work

While trying to get my one-year-old daughter to fall asleep (unsuccessfully) to night, I saw a side of her never before specifically defined. She grabbed my ear and twisted as hard as she could. I winced in pain and her eyes suddenly brightened. She twisted harder and I winced more. Then the wicked smile cracked across her face. The little brat enjoyed causing me pain. There was a sadistic side of her that I've suspected but never explicitly seen.

Now, she's been developing a very strong personality over the last couple months that honestly cracks me up. But this was cruelty causing pleasure. I guess the innocence had to have a point that it would begin to fade. Not gone, but the first noticeable diminishing moment.

Yes, I'm over analysing my child, but I hadn't actually scrutinized it until I saw a moment on Project Runway tonight that brought clarity to it. It's part one of the finale. Carol Hannah is apparently infectiously sick. Irina had this look of shear pleasure overcome her. It's quite disgusting when you think about from some ones pain...but more common than it should be.

Irina's look and my daughter's look were identical. Damn...

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