Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Not Fat, I'm Fluffy!

Gotta get in shape pronto!!! I have 6 weeks til family pictures with the in-laws and refuse to be the fat ass of the group. Went for a brisk walk with the family today. It was only two miles and we took a swing break for about 20 minutes between miles. I'm sweaty and my legs hurt. I just turned 30 and should not be the fluffy man I am today. As we prepare for the second bun in the oven, the wife has to get in shape as well. I guess it's the right motivation for her, I'm just vain and don't have anything to back it up. If I can quit smoking, I should be able to continue a work out routine, right? That said, I've stopped and started several times, but gotta look only at the positive right now. If I can drop down to my pre-cubicle-life weight over the next year, I'd be happy. That's only 40 pounds. I'd still be considered overweight for a 6' tall man, but I can deal with that once it comes around.

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