Monday, November 16, 2009

Attention Whores

I love to be the center of attention...I passed that gene on to my daughter. For the most part, I believe most people have this constant need for positive feedback. So, maybe I shouldn't criticize these freaks of nature for doing what comes naturally to all of us. Screw that, of course I should. How the hell do people like Kim Kardashian and Levi Johnston continue to gain popularity/gawking audiences?

OK, so reality stars become famous because they make fools of themselves on national television. But they weren't famous until they were on a retarded show.
Take Nichole Richie, she was a famous person's daughter. She got a show because of it, but really no one knew her until Paris and Nichole hit big with the Simple Life. Fine, she...this is hard for me to put into words...did something before she was the Rodeo-Drive-Slag.
Fucking OJ Simpson gave us three (not counting other opportunistic family members associated with Kim) famous players from his trial. Greta van Susteren channeling Ron Perlman in "Beauty and the Beast" has her own TV show. Kato Kaelin...WTF folks? But the ultimate is Kim Kardashian, daughter of Killer's lucky ass lawyer. Who the hell could have predicted that crap? No the dancing Itos don't factor in to this.

We've dealt with the Gotti family parading the my daddy was a mobster fanfare on our TVs. Hell if you're a TV personality from E! you're automatically in the ring to get your own reality show.

So that leads me to my latest annoyance...Levi "in hind sight how did I not know boinking the Governor's daughter would be my ticket to success" Johnson. Really folks, why do we care? Why are we booking him on shows? Why aren't people lambasting him for being an absentee father? Why is it OK for his only quality...being a schmuck...what makes him famous? He an K-Fed should start a reality to ride the coattails of my famous baby mama!

Isn't there an old saying something like...Famous for being talented or are they talented because they are famous? Whatever...I may be just jealous because they have a ridiculous amount of money for absolutely nothing!!!

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