Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sing it Galinda!

I've been half ass following Glee. The show has me at a typical stand off that new shows often bring me to. The hype got me. The random break out musical moments are so much fun. But someone faking a pregnancy, someone with two baby-daddy's and two different girls and a guy for that matter crossing unrequited love/crushes on others are seriously blase. But I'm not a professional critic and have followed crappier shows.

So I was watching the episode with Kristen Chenowith on Hulu last night. The guy playing Finn reminds me of Chris Klein's character on American Pie. First he has the same squinty smile and clumsy charm. When he dances in the second production when they wore the blue shirts and black ties, what the hell? He looked so stiff and awkward. Like seriously, what the hell was the choreographer thinking? For that matter, what was the casting director thinking. Didn't he have to dance for the audition?
While I'm comparing the two actors look, acting inability and dancing that ASIMO could rival, should I mention that the characters are nearly identical. Chris Klein's "Oz" was a jock with an unconsummated love affair and an internal struggle with what to make of his future and the pointlessness of peaking in high school. Cory Monteith, who plays Finn on Glee, has a girlfriend in the abstinence club and a glee club girl affair, all while he has the internal struggle with his future being launched by high school jock-dom or choir esteem. I guess 10 years is long enough to recycle a character.

What ever, I'll continue watching and they'll continue singing. Don't Stop Believing! All will remain happy.

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