Saturday, October 17, 2009

It Takes a Village to Debase a Child

We've been costume shopping for the kiddo the last couple weeks. The wife and I have had our share of naughtier costumes. That said, most years we make our own from thrift store finds and arts and crafts style assembly. This is the first year we've had a third. She was born 4 days after our Pregnant Nun and Pervie Priest costumes from last year were paraded around town.
So we decided to start with the kiddo and work ours into her theme. It's time for "G - Rated" costumes to begin. She's a little duckling and we'll be farmers (though mine won't be as sexy as the one my wife's concocting, so maybe PG is more appropriate).

While shopping though, we've run across a wide variety of costumes for little girls. I have to say, I'm more than a little appalled. What happened to innocence in youth? There are some slutty costumes for little girls. I'm not talking about a skirt too short, but more like they're straight out of Frederick's of Hollywood hooker outfits.

Alright fine, I'm looking through "father-of-a-little-girl" lenses, but seriously people! Hannah Montana may not have any naughtiness to her persona, but her attire borders ridiculous. But Miley's alter-ego doesn't have anything on the Bratz dolls.

I'm worried about our kids. Doesn't anyone think we might be desensitizing our girls? Guys are already pervs, but do we really need our girls to grow up thinking they should dress provocatively on a regular basis? OK, yes we're talking Halloween costumes and not their whole life, but each choice is a stepping stone that builds their whole life's path.

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