Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OMG I Can't Wait for "V"

I love Sci-Fi. My parents and I watched "V" when I was a kid. "Alien Nation," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "X-Files," and "Quantum Leap."

These shows captivated me. I have to admit, the sci-fi of recent years has truly stepped up the genre's game. I got into Fringe last year and have been following it. It replaced the loss of X-Files. Flashforward has me watching intently, but I'm affraid of the utter disappointment as the date approaches when we have the flashforward catch up. I'll enjoy it while it's around and try not to be so pessimistic for now.
I never got into "Lost" and think I'll watch them on Netflix and see if I want to catch up on the hype once these others go on hiatus.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Paul McCartney is on Letterman

I'm watching Sir Paul McCartney right now talk to Dave about what it was like when they came to America originally. How freakin' awesome is his job? I know he interviews famous people all the time but holy hell! He's got a Beatle on tonight and the Mother F*ing President of the United States on Tomorrow!
I wonder what went through Dave's head when he knew that he would literally interview every famous person alive? At this point, do yo think he gets bored with his job no matter who is on the other side of the desk? Hopefully not.
BTW, Sir Paul is really funny, he keeps throwing jabs at Dave and I'm not entirely sure Dave is catching them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Respect My Authoritah

Fox News is the republican party's news source. I don't care how they try to spin it, that is the whole point of the station. I remember watching CNN and Headline News growing up. When my mom's siblings were over in Iraq during Desert Shield and subsequently Desert Storm we watched Wolf Blitzer religiously. Ted Turner's 24 hour television news stations were a hit. Even though Ted and in CNN/HLN's prime his wife Jane are over the top Liberals, the stations seemed to just deliver the news. I never noticed a slant.

I remember watching MSNBC when I graduated High School in the late 90's and didn't notice anything overtly left, I just thought it was odd that Bill Gates and NBC were close enough to form a whole other news station. I still tended to watch CNN.

I did notice during the last Presidential campaign MSNBC no longer delivered the news but campaigned directly for Obama. Now in their defense, all non-Fox-News stations were excessively anti-Bush, so it was not so far fetched that they'd support a democrat for President. It did border the ridiculous after Obama won.

By that point I'd been reading Canadian and British news sources regularly and left the political bias to Fox and MSNBC.

So all that builds up to the latest Fox Scandal...from the White House. So here is what I've understood: The Obama Administration has decided not to do any interviews with Fox News as they are "Not a News Source" they are merely a greedy corporation feeding on the republican craze and marketing to a segment of America they can make a lot of money from.

Are they kidding? I could understand if they chose not to give an interview to the Onion, the Daily Show or Colbert Report. But to call out an opposing point of view and say you're not credible because I get unfavorable coverage on your station is pathetic. Seriously, if they really view Fox as a threat, take the high road or better, come on prepared to demonstrate your position articulately. All political points of view are opinions and differing opinions are still valid in their own right.

I don't fit into any one party completely. I don't understand people who do. It's like believing a religious denomination wholly without question. If you don't have independent thought and differing opinions and unique lifestyles we might as well have a dictatorship. The mindless lemmings of this country truly scare me. I don't know how much longer we're going to survive when we have a "two party" system who refuse to accomplish anything for fear of offending some segment of their voting constituency.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It Takes a Village to Debase a Child

We've been costume shopping for the kiddo the last couple weeks. The wife and I have had our share of naughtier costumes. That said, most years we make our own from thrift store finds and arts and crafts style assembly. This is the first year we've had a third. She was born 4 days after our Pregnant Nun and Pervie Priest costumes from last year were paraded around town.
So we decided to start with the kiddo and work ours into her theme. It's time for "G - Rated" costumes to begin. She's a little duckling and we'll be farmers (though mine won't be as sexy as the one my wife's concocting, so maybe PG is more appropriate).

While shopping though, we've run across a wide variety of costumes for little girls. I have to say, I'm more than a little appalled. What happened to innocence in youth? There are some slutty costumes for little girls. I'm not talking about a skirt too short, but more like they're straight out of Frederick's of Hollywood hooker outfits.

Alright fine, I'm looking through "father-of-a-little-girl" lenses, but seriously people! Hannah Montana may not have any naughtiness to her persona, but her attire borders ridiculous. But Miley's alter-ego doesn't have anything on the Bratz dolls.

I'm worried about our kids. Doesn't anyone think we might be desensitizing our girls? Guys are already pervs, but do we really need our girls to grow up thinking they should dress provocatively on a regular basis? OK, yes we're talking Halloween costumes and not their whole life, but each choice is a stepping stone that builds their whole life's path.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sing it Galinda!

I've been half ass following Glee. The show has me at a typical stand off that new shows often bring me to. The hype got me. The random break out musical moments are so much fun. But someone faking a pregnancy, someone with two baby-daddy's and two different girls and a guy for that matter crossing unrequited love/crushes on others are seriously blase. But I'm not a professional critic and have followed crappier shows.

So I was watching the episode with Kristen Chenowith on Hulu last night. The guy playing Finn reminds me of Chris Klein's character on American Pie. First he has the same squinty smile and clumsy charm. When he dances in the second production when they wore the blue shirts and black ties, what the hell? He looked so stiff and awkward. Like seriously, what the hell was the choreographer thinking? For that matter, what was the casting director thinking. Didn't he have to dance for the audition?
While I'm comparing the two actors look, acting inability and dancing that ASIMO could rival, should I mention that the characters are nearly identical. Chris Klein's "Oz" was a jock with an unconsummated love affair and an internal struggle with what to make of his future and the pointlessness of peaking in high school. Cory Monteith, who plays Finn on Glee, has a girlfriend in the abstinence club and a glee club girl affair, all while he has the internal struggle with his future being launched by high school jock-dom or choir esteem. I guess 10 years is long enough to recycle a character.

What ever, I'll continue watching and they'll continue singing. Don't Stop Believing! All will remain happy.