Saturday, September 26, 2009

British Pop

I've been listening to BBC Radio 1 on Satellite radio for the last year or so. I have to admit, I'm totally gay for the DJs and bands that are played repeatedly. The Wife hates talking on the radio...don't even think about leaving a commercial on. So maybe that's the attraction for me. I did go to school to work on radio and don't get to experience any of my former passion when she's around. That said, the Brits absolutely love the garbage Disney and the other Mega-Record Companies manufacture for teeny-bopper-pop coming out of America. Their own island inhabitants however really make me smile (at least more than 50% of the time). Most of the time those lead to groovin' in the driver's seat and embarrassing shower-karaoke-style sing-a-longs in the car.
Dizzee Rascal for example, I just can't get enough. Bonkers was absolute perfection. Others from him I've heard have sampled songs you can't help but love so they to are awesome. David Guetta teamed up with Akon to put out Sexy Chick (censored version of Sexy Bitch is my preference) that also makes me groove more than others. Can't say that Jay Sean works though. I heard he was the first UK artist to hit the 10 ten in the US since James Blunt. I'm appalled, but not really surprised. Though Muse of Franz Ferdinand I thought would have hit up there...maybe that's just because I like them.
Florence and the Machine and La Roux are two bands that have won me over whole-heartedly! Everything these ladies put out there is gold! Marmaduke Duke's Rubber Lover and Calvin Harris' I'm Not Alone are definitely worth a mention.
So that brings me to my real confusion with some of what I'm hearing. There will always be throw away music produced...but there are a few bands I've been hearing that just weird me out. Do you remember hearing the Bee Gee’s for the first time? At first your brain thinks it's a girl singing. As you realize it's definitely a man you the f^*%? When The Darkness came out a few years ago, they reminded me of the Bee Gee’s because of the ultra high falsetto. Still really easy to enjoy, so really no threat. Then last year in the US Robin Thicke came out and I wanted to vomit. Definitely throw away music and sounds like a castration victim. So two other groups have been playing on this type of success...Scissor Sisters and Mika. I love Mika's We Are Golden...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, but so far his only release to do it. Scissor Sisters are questionably over the top gay...but I don't have anything other than one video I've seen to go on. All of these guys have a distinct sound due to utterly falsetto voices. First, when are their vocal cords going to go on strike? Second, what producer keeps pushing this sound? Third, why, why, why? Fine, I'm gay for Scott Mills and Greg James, but darn least I'm not a rabid Robin Thicke fan...Ha!

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