Sunday, September 20, 2009

Braggin' 'Bout the Kid

It's been a flies by whether you're paying attention or not.

The kid is crawling everywhere. Literally our little escape artist. We've been using walkers to block the "holes" in the living room. She's figured out how to crawl through them or push them out of the way. She thinks it's hilarious when we chase her, she giggles all the way down the hall. But her favorite is the dining room and kitchen. She squeals with joy everytime she crosses a rug instead of the tile.
Her first two bottom teeth came in a couple months ago. She doesn't bite while breastfeeding anymore, but everything else is free game. Toes are just askin' for it, sitting there uncovered on her level. The top two teeth look like they're trying to come through now.
She learned to clap last week and couldn't be happier with herself. A toy of her plays the alphabet song, she hums and claps along with it.
While words and books fascinate her, no obsession seems to be quite as strong as our laptops. If we're on them, she wants to play. Watching videos and slideshows of herself having top billing. If she's on the ground and we're using one, she'll slide her hand on the keyboard and start grabbing/typing away. She's rotated my wife's screen sideways dozens of times. It still takes us 10 minutes to fix it too. (while trying to type this, she's erased and typed tons of times).
She's also an eater. We've introduced all kinds of veggies and fruits. Some more successful than others. We make everything using this Beba baby food steamer and pureer. Hands down one of the greatest gifts we've used. If you've ever compared how brown peas in a baby food jar and then looked at how bright and green steamed and pureed peas look, you'd never feed your kid that crap in a jar again.

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