Saturday, March 21, 2009

Such a Drama Queen

Alright, I am facing a reality that is very sad. I realized I'm a drama queen! At work, when people do really stupid things or try to abuse the system, I get a little flustered. I tend to have trouble getting my thoughts out, I get a pitch and tempo to my speech that is quite out of character. When I tell a story, I generally exaggerate to make it better.

Wow, so I am so pathetic, I couldn't even finish this post. I'm picking this back up 3 weeks later.

I throw fits when things don't' go my way. The other day, I knocked over a pile of things when something wasn't working by throwing a a pillow across the room. I'm not going to put any more stuff down here. I don't remember the original point of this train of thought, so I'll leave it up to the Internet population to decide one way or another.


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