Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Miss Velma Kelly in an act... of desperation

Tina has always hated the very concept of American Idol. I don't blame her and certainly don't defend the show. That said, I'm typically up on the goings on from radio stations daily updates. I'll typically catch a show or a bit or two each season. Natural curiosity and frankly it's hard to get away from...hello it's on every friggin night!

Lie To Me had just ended. We'd been trying to catch it for weeks but between Barack Obama and American Idol, it's been pushed all over the place. I honestly wasn't that impressed, but it's not the worst show ever.
So, American Idol follows it. I was watching it while she was flipping through the digital guide. Ryan was explaining how there was a new "Judges Choice" rule. Basically the judges get to save one contestant from the chopping block so a bunch of 14-year-olds don't completely screw some one out of the opportunity to prove their worth. Ryan gave the example of Chris Daughtry. To which Simon scoffed and moved him along. I like the fact that they are asserting some common sense into the process. I find it hard to believe it's all completely left up to the voters. But it could be and that'd be why Archuletta, Aiken and Hudson didn't bring home the title.
It almost seems like they are worried about keeping America's Tweens captivated. They brought on Paula's replacement to give followers a chance to like her before it becomes official. They did the weird three group thing before the contest. They kept a 13th finalist. What idiot didn't purchase the 13th number from the beginning? Why didn't they just change all of them instead of letting a bunch of kids call a porn number? That said, that got them more notoriety from news stations talking about it...any publicity is good publicity.

All of the changes this season make them seem desperate. Don't they have the highest ratings of all TV programs? What are they actually worried about, or are they being proactive? America is in a recession of epic proportions, are they ensuring they receive their billions from every voting session.

I'm officially wasting my life away. I just spent twenty minutes typing about a show I think is crippling this great country. My wife would be so ashamed.

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