Saturday, March 7, 2009

Food Poisoning Sucks

Monday evening seemed like any other day. When Tina got home I ordered some pizza from Papa Johns, we ate and watched some TV and went to bed. We'd gotten Berlin to sleep and had been asleep for a little while. 12:30 hits and suddenly, I feel sick as a dog. I puked. Hell pepperoni came out of my nose, at least it smelled that way. So gross. About 2o minutes later, Tina did the same thing. For the next 8 hours, every hour our digestive systems vacated everything through every means possible. Dry heaves are the worst!

Tina was a trooper, she continued to take care of Berlin the whole next day. I was down for the count till the next day and still wasn't really that great. I didn't eat for two days. Since Tina was breastfeeding, she started eating much sooner. Yeah, so introducing food slowly has been difficult. It's been 5 days and I'm still not doing so hot.

I don't know if it was the pizza, the Ragu we used for dipping or maybe even the Coca-Cola. I'm not eating those left overs though.

My doctor told me it was probably just a stomach flu. Everything I've read online says there's no such thing. They say bad bacteria interaction is what people call the stomach flu which is usually food born. So basically, all stomach and intestinal issues are some kind of food poisoning. So irregardless, it sucks!

And Gatorade Strawberry is quite foul. Berry isn't so bad and neither are the different G2's, but G Strawberry tastes gross down and up.

Alright, no more ickiness for now. Watching the last few episodes of Six Feet Under in bed with my family. Love lazy weekends.

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