Monday, March 2, 2009

Do I have to apologize for that?

So unmotivated lately. I've slacked off at work big time. I'm still getting a lot done with my people, but seriously need to tackle the paperwork. Piles are cropping up everywhere. Boss man seems to be getting antsy and I can't tell if it's home or pressure from above. Either way it's causing him to latch on even more than normal. He seems genuinely upset when I head south without him. I've been avoiding him because I don't get as much done with him tagging along. It's backfired on me though. I'm having to get so creative in order to duck him that I'm getting less done than before. Oh well, at least I'm not stuck in a cubicle anymore. It'd just be nice to have him focus his attention elsewhere for a few weeks. If I could work in the office and still get out to the stores for awhile, I could get caught back up. Ha, wishful thinking. I just need to spend some extra time after our adventures around town. I walk a fine line of actual work related sight seeing and just plain chauffeuring the boss around town for his entertainment. Besides, coming up with new places to eat just to be ridiculed for eating like a pig all while he packs away twice the calories does so much for my self-esteem.

Alright, let me get used to putting thoughts down here. I'll try not to whine so much in the future. That's more of a resolution than a promise.

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