Saturday, March 21, 2009

Such a Drama Queen

Alright, I am facing a reality that is very sad. I realized I'm a drama queen! At work, when people do really stupid things or try to abuse the system, I get a little flustered. I tend to have trouble getting my thoughts out, I get a pitch and tempo to my speech that is quite out of character. When I tell a story, I generally exaggerate to make it better.

Wow, so I am so pathetic, I couldn't even finish this post. I'm picking this back up 3 weeks later.

I throw fits when things don't' go my way. The other day, I knocked over a pile of things when something wasn't working by throwing a a pillow across the room. I'm not going to put any more stuff down here. I don't remember the original point of this train of thought, so I'll leave it up to the Internet population to decide one way or another.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Naomie

Too much Guinness & Jameson last night! I was so testy this morning I bit boss man's head off. I think he's tired of hearing my bitching and moaning about the same thing over and over. Corporate keeps telling us my department is the future of the company. They keep saying how they are focusing on it and pouring all kinds of resources. The whole company is hurting because the different groups in charge over the last 15 years haven't progressed us forward at all. The entire industry may be in trouble, but we're being led by people who are trapped in the traditions of the past. While they cling to the old days the panic and make irrational decision to try and "turn things around." They give changes two weeks to miraculously convert shit into stellar profits. Completely unrealistic expectations are getting my and boss man's jobs threatened daily. I'm so apathetic anymore.

The worst is when they preach I've given you to tools to be successful and you've failed. In their minds they've given me a saw, drill, vice grips and lumber to create a dog house for a Doberman Pincher. The reality is they've hidden a nail file, screw driver, rubber band and toilet paper in the deep recesses of the world. And now their Chihuahua is pissing all over the house I built! OK, stupid analogy, but Fuck them. I'm tired of playing their shitty games and being told I'm not performing up to the standards. They are clueless as to what goes on out here, they only see little figures on a spreadsheet. "All you have to do is increase this number and decrease this number." Hell do they think I just entered the data into excel incorrectly? Could it possibly be the past decade of stupid decisions they've made? Love rhetorical questions, don't you? This time last year, I was doing the work of two corporate managers. With the lay offs, they've given me the responsibility of four managers and the half the pay of one. Boss man has promised compensation and yet I've seen nothing. Meanwhile other managers around me who took two years to finally begin doing their job get rewarded with raises, promotions and corporate reach arounds. Screw corporate America. We are not as important as we think we are. Life will go on if we weren't doing this crap. I'm not paid enough to care or tolerate the stress. I wish I could kick the 19-year-old me in the ass to keep me from dropping out of college. I'm over half way to my degree...can I really go back? God help me if I do, Fuck me if I don't!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Total Drama Island!

Today was rough. First, I tried to take a new route from the baby sitters to San Antonio. Big mistake. I ended up lost on some bum f*ing country road that I didn't realize was the wrong turn until I saw the No Trespassing and No Hunting signs. Literally almost hit dozens of deer and a couple cows. Welcome to Rural Texas! I set up my laptop and found my way out and it only added an hour and twenty minutes to a typically hour and ten minute commute. So, I guess I could never double as a natural navigator. Oh well! At least I had BBC Radio 1 to keep me company.

Berlin's 4ish month check up was today. She's growing so quickly, right on course, but still! The nurse type person who weighed her was rough though. At the weigh in, she had us only take off her pants. I realize baby clothes don't weigh very much, so it's not a big deal, but why the pants? The diaper, socks, and onesie definitely didn't weigh less than the corduroy pants she had on. Whatever, the lady smelled like smoke...hello, you work in a pediatric doctor's office, wash up after you smoke. She jerked her leg down to measure her length and made her cry. My child doesn't cry like that, I honestly think she hurt her and scared her. I know, I'm a parent and probably too sensitive. So she tells us to keep her pants off because she has a round of shots coming. We meet with the doc, he tells us all is well, fluffs our butter a bit and has some friendly banter and goes about his business. Smokey lady comes into the room with a tray of syringes. I know my child's noises and cries. The shock/horror/hurt that came across her face and scream/cries were very new to me. First, she developed tears at that instant. I'd never seen her tear ducts in action before. They aren't full on water works yet, but sheisse! She's been spontaneously bursting into panicky crying all evening.
OK as if baby shots weren't bad enough, I still had to go back to work afterward. Dealt with some pain in the ass customer complaints and foolish subordinates. Nothing new there. But the boss man calls me up and says "I've decided to take you up on your offer from a couple months ago." Utter panic hit me. I'd offered to let him crash at our place if his wife really decided to leave him. Instantly the image of my boss living with me eclipsed my universe. No, it wasn't that...thank god! His wife had gone a little nutso though. They are moving into an apartment and really don't have the room for their large dogs. I urged him to post them on craigslist and whatnot. I don't know what avenues he pursued. They decided to keep them though and hire a dog walker. Alrighty, no more thought about them until he tells me his wife went crazy when she forgot to secure the gate inside the house and the dogs got everywhere. Peeing on the carpet and crawling on a sofa they were trying to sell and yada yada yada.
The offer was to take his dogs to the shelter for him. The decision to get rid of your pets, especially when you've had them for eleven years, can be traumatic in it's own right, let alone actually taking them in. My parents made me take our cats in to be put down when my mom got pregnant. They couldn't handle it, so I had to be a man. I knew he wouldn't be able to handle it. Even though I have no emotional attachment to these dogs, it was hard. Our animal center has made it remarkably easy to throw responsibility away though. So I dropped the two off. I tried to talk to them all up beat and send out positive vibes, but I know they could tell something was wrong.
Tina was scolding me for coming home so late to top it all off. I just want today to be over. I'm ready for another rainy day tomorrow. I'm locking myself in my office and ignoring the world tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Miss Velma Kelly in an act... of desperation

Tina has always hated the very concept of American Idol. I don't blame her and certainly don't defend the show. That said, I'm typically up on the goings on from radio stations daily updates. I'll typically catch a show or a bit or two each season. Natural curiosity and frankly it's hard to get away from...hello it's on every friggin night!

Lie To Me had just ended. We'd been trying to catch it for weeks but between Barack Obama and American Idol, it's been pushed all over the place. I honestly wasn't that impressed, but it's not the worst show ever.
So, American Idol follows it. I was watching it while she was flipping through the digital guide. Ryan was explaining how there was a new "Judges Choice" rule. Basically the judges get to save one contestant from the chopping block so a bunch of 14-year-olds don't completely screw some one out of the opportunity to prove their worth. Ryan gave the example of Chris Daughtry. To which Simon scoffed and moved him along. I like the fact that they are asserting some common sense into the process. I find it hard to believe it's all completely left up to the voters. But it could be and that'd be why Archuletta, Aiken and Hudson didn't bring home the title.
It almost seems like they are worried about keeping America's Tweens captivated. They brought on Paula's replacement to give followers a chance to like her before it becomes official. They did the weird three group thing before the contest. They kept a 13th finalist. What idiot didn't purchase the 13th number from the beginning? Why didn't they just change all of them instead of letting a bunch of kids call a porn number? That said, that got them more notoriety from news stations talking about it...any publicity is good publicity.

All of the changes this season make them seem desperate. Don't they have the highest ratings of all TV programs? What are they actually worried about, or are they being proactive? America is in a recession of epic proportions, are they ensuring they receive their billions from every voting session.

I'm officially wasting my life away. I just spent twenty minutes typing about a show I think is crippling this great country. My wife would be so ashamed.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Very....Urgent...Stranded in London...SCAM!!!

Mom called me this morning about her cousin being stranded in London asking for like $2500 because he lost his wallet and paperwork over there. Got the whole family in a tizzy because we all thought it was a scam. But since we didn't know everyone was second guessing themselves.

The sad truth is our family is not close enough to have current phone numbers to just settle the debate. They didn't want to call his parents and upset them because they are aging. How pathetic are we? No, don't call and uncover the truth because it would mean actual interaction with people we only talk to every decade or so.

Some times it think if we didn't send Christmas cards no one in my family would know if one another were still alive.
Here is the email I'm blocking out his name...
Hey, I am in hurry writing you this message and I am sorry I didn't inform you about my traveling. I traveled to England and i got my self stranded. I am really stranded in England because I forgot my little bag in the Taxi where my money, passport, documents, cell phone which i have all my contacts and other valuable things were kept on my way to the Hotel am staying, I am facing a hard time here because i have no money on me. I am now owning a hotel bill of (430GBP) and they wanted me to pay the bill soon else they will have to hand me over to the Hotel Management, I need this help from you urgently to help me back home, I need you to help me with the hotel bill and i will also need (500GBP) to feed and help myself back home so please can you help me with a sum of (930GBP) to sort out my problems here. I am sending you this email from the city Library, I will appreciate what so ever you can afford to wire the fund and I promise to pay back your money as soon as i return home without any delay. So please use my details for Western Union money transfer because i still have one of my I D card with me,that is the only way i could be able to get it fast and leave. hear is the detail below....
NName: (Name Removed by Poster)
Address: 55 Blackfriars Road
zip code M3 7DB
State; mancherster
Country ;England
After you have send the money, email to me the western union money transfer control number or you can attach and forward to me the western union money transfer receipt so that i can pick up the money and leave. Right now, i don't have any access to phone communications because the phone in my hotel room had been disconnected due to too much bills imposed on me, i only have access to the computer at the library where am sending you this email right now,please kindly bear reasons with me, and also the embassy here has already promised to give me a covering traveling papers that i will need to have my way back home, all i need right now is the money to settle up the bills and leave,God bless you.
(Name Removed by Poster)
I sent him a separate email saying I thought it was a hoax, but if it wasn't, my aunt wanted to help and he needed to call my mom. Here is the response:
Dorn, Thank you all so much for getting back to me, well i know how you feel,the present condition that i found myself is very difficult for me to explain,,i will be very much happy if (Name Removed by Poster) can help me to transfer the fund,so please do what ever you can to assist me,I will be very much happy to call you but i don"t have any phone contact right now because the phone in my hotel room had been disconnected due to too much bills imposed on me, i only have access to the computer at the library where am sending you this email right now and i don't have any money with me, so as soon as i get the money i will call from a pay phone on this unmber (Number Removed by Poster) .,please kindly bear reasons with staying at city hotel.thank you so much for your love and support may God bless you all.
(Name Removed by Poster).
Here's the really messed up thing. I know this is a scam. I'm not worried that my cousin is stranded. But, it went out to everyone in his email list, including the majority of my family. What if someone doesn't realize it's a scam? What if one of his friends or family members does it before calling him?
Hopefully no one falls for it. Maybe it will bring my family closer knowing their anti-social behavior nearly cost us $$$ or left a bloke in the UK all alone.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Food Poisoning Sucks

Monday evening seemed like any other day. When Tina got home I ordered some pizza from Papa Johns, we ate and watched some TV and went to bed. We'd gotten Berlin to sleep and had been asleep for a little while. 12:30 hits and suddenly, I feel sick as a dog. I puked. Hell pepperoni came out of my nose, at least it smelled that way. So gross. About 2o minutes later, Tina did the same thing. For the next 8 hours, every hour our digestive systems vacated everything through every means possible. Dry heaves are the worst!

Tina was a trooper, she continued to take care of Berlin the whole next day. I was down for the count till the next day and still wasn't really that great. I didn't eat for two days. Since Tina was breastfeeding, she started eating much sooner. Yeah, so introducing food slowly has been difficult. It's been 5 days and I'm still not doing so hot.

I don't know if it was the pizza, the Ragu we used for dipping or maybe even the Coca-Cola. I'm not eating those left overs though.

My doctor told me it was probably just a stomach flu. Everything I've read online says there's no such thing. They say bad bacteria interaction is what people call the stomach flu which is usually food born. So basically, all stomach and intestinal issues are some kind of food poisoning. So irregardless, it sucks!

And Gatorade Strawberry is quite foul. Berry isn't so bad and neither are the different G2's, but G Strawberry tastes gross down and up.

Alright, no more ickiness for now. Watching the last few episodes of Six Feet Under in bed with my family. Love lazy weekends.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Do I have to apologize for that?

So unmotivated lately. I've slacked off at work big time. I'm still getting a lot done with my people, but seriously need to tackle the paperwork. Piles are cropping up everywhere. Boss man seems to be getting antsy and I can't tell if it's home or pressure from above. Either way it's causing him to latch on even more than normal. He seems genuinely upset when I head south without him. I've been avoiding him because I don't get as much done with him tagging along. It's backfired on me though. I'm having to get so creative in order to duck him that I'm getting less done than before. Oh well, at least I'm not stuck in a cubicle anymore. It'd just be nice to have him focus his attention elsewhere for a few weeks. If I could work in the office and still get out to the stores for awhile, I could get caught back up. Ha, wishful thinking. I just need to spend some extra time after our adventures around town. I walk a fine line of actual work related sight seeing and just plain chauffeuring the boss around town for his entertainment. Besides, coming up with new places to eat just to be ridiculed for eating like a pig all while he packs away twice the calories does so much for my self-esteem.

Alright, let me get used to putting thoughts down here. I'll try not to whine so much in the future. That's more of a resolution than a promise.